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I did a Google search today and was surprised to see a new section entitled “Latest Results”.

Real time search by Google? Brilliant!

They are currently aggregating live streams from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, Jaiku and Identi.ca which brings Google one-step closer to their goal of creating “the most comprehensive, relevant and fast search in the world”

Check out the post on the the Official Google Blog, or watch the video below


After installing the Office 2010 beta, I noticed a considerable decrease in performance when browsing a BPOS SharePoint directory as a mapped drive. This decrease in performance was to the tune of about 30 seconds for the contents of a directory to populate.

To further my disappointment, I was also unable to open Word documents from the same SharePoint site. I would receive the error “Could not open https://…”


A quick visit to a couple search engines came back with a blog post by Tony Pagnusat which gives an incredibly simple solution which worked for me:

In Local Area Network Settings of Internet Explorer (Tools, Internet Options, Connections, LAN Settings) try un-checking the Automatically detect settings checkbox.

Step by step guide:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click “Tools”
  3. Click “Internet Options”
  4. Correct-Office-2010-Connection-Issues-Step-1-and-2

  5. Click the “Connections” tab
  6. Correct-Office-2010-Connection-Issues-Step-3

  7. Click “LAN Settings”
  8. Correct-Office-2010-Connection-Issues-Step-4

  9. Uncheck “Automatically Detect Settings”
  10. Correct-Office-2010-Connection-Issues-Step-5


I discovered that a simple copy/paste of embed code from YouTube to an .aspx page does not work. A bit of searching led me to a post on the asp.net forum which describes a simple method using an asp:Label

In your .aspx:

<asp:Label id="something" runat="server"></asp:Label>

In your .aspx.cs:

something.Text = "Embed code from YouTube replacing double quotes for single quotes";

Something worth noting is that we must set the value of our asp:Label prior to the page rendering. I placed mine within Page_Load(). Learn more about the ASP.NET Page Life Cycle for a better understanding of what is happening under the hood when a page is requested.


I woke up this morning to an Inbox full of exception notices from a client’s web application that was having some issues with a database server timing out and not properly responding to requests when it didn’t timeout. We needed to take the site offline immediately to notify users that the site was experiencing technical difficulties and that we were working to resolve the issue.

Some quick searching shed some light on a possible solution found on Scott Guthrie’s blog, which introduced me to the idea of using an App_Offline.htm file. This file, when present, will unload the application and cause all requests to be redirected to that file. I quickly created the App_Offline.htm file and was disappointed when IE was giving me a 404 error. Yes the site was now offline, but I needed to tell the users that we were aware of and working on the solution.

Digging a bit further led me to another post on Scott’s blog, as well as an article, which described the the 404 as being related to “IE Friendly Errors”. The solution was simple enough: ensure the App_Offline.htm is > 512bytes. I quickly added some CSS styling to my App_Offline.htm and Viola! the site was offline, informing users it would be back online shortly.

Once the database server was back @ 100%, I simply removed the App_Offline.htm file and the site was back Online!

The use of twitter is becoming more prevalent in our day to day lives. As we watch TV or check our email, we are certain to see some mention of Twitter. I’ve spoken to many people recently that see Twitter’s value in the personal social networking scene, but question how it can provide value to a business. I, along with many advocates of social media, jump at the opportunity to explain the benefits of Twitter to a business. Here are a list of some of my biggest points
  • Loyalty
When a client or potential client follows your business on Twitter, they are making statement. One that they are interested in what your company is doing and has to say. This provides an invaluable opportunity for your company to show off what’s happening and strengthen your relationship
  • Advertising
Mediums for advertising have changed over the years, but all have the same goal, to get your message out there. Twitter allows your business to ‘push’ information to clients and potential clients
  • HR Recruiting
  • Transparency
The downside (if you can even call it that) of Twitter: Your business is forced to produce good content, engage followers, and create a sense of community!
My short list is certainly not inclusive of every reason your business should be on Twitter, so please below! If you’re reading this saying … “Twitter?”, check out the video below.

I came across powercfg back in January while reading about Windows 7 and had some trouble finding some documentation on it today, so I’m posting it here to make it easier for me to find in the future.

Right now, my favorite part of powercfg in Windows 7 is the ability to check on the battery with the -energy option. With metrics like "Design Capacity" and "Last Full charge”, I’m able to get an idea of how my battery is holding up. By running it on my Dell D630, I discovered that I’ve lost 6% of my battery’s capacity 🙁




Microsoft’s Whitepaper: http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/system/pnppwr/powermgmt/PowerCfg.mspx


After getting pumped about Windows 7 and being too antsy to wait for the DVD to come in the mail, I figured I would just download the public beta. Little did I know I would have to download the beta four times before I received an iso that was NOT corrupt!

By the time I had a valid iso, I was not in the mood to burn the image to DVD prior to installation so I enlisted the services of MagicISO to mount the iso virtually. I figured it might speed up the file copy process as an added bonus. So here I am, at the point where I’ve seen the installation fail 6 times before, because of data corruption, with my fingers crossed. To my amazement the installer finishes copying all the files to the drive and moves on to the next step! I let out a half-sigh of relief as I hold my breath while the installer continues and I nervously watch the installer reboot the machine. Time goes by, I attend a staff meeting followed by a quasi happy hour in our multipurpose room all the while, the installation continues at a sluggish, yet steady pace. Seemingly hanging at 74% completion on the final step, I leave to pick up Emily from work who wasn’t too happy about having to come back to my office to grab my laptop. To my surprise, the upgrade/installation was complete when we returned. As an added bonus, the happy hour was still in full swing. Snacks & drinks are always a win.

Thoughts for anyone else thinking of participating in the Beta:

  • If you haven’t already downloaded and installed the Windows 7 Beta, get it now before general availability ends!
  • Don’t upgrade, do a fresh installation from a USB jump drive. I wasted a TON of time burning DVDs and upgrading from Vista as opposed to doing a fresh installation. Dennis Chung has a video on TechNet Edge detailing the process with links to his blog for even more detail on some of the tools he uses

Throughout my beta experience, I’ll update the section below with issues that arrise

Open Issues

  • Outlook 2007 w/ Exchange 2003

RPC over HTTPS is not always functional, which means I don’t always have access to my email. Discussion @ http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itproappcompat/thread/a501c9c1-cc29-48ab-af03-fffe531fbde0

Resolved Issues

  • Cisco VPN Client

Experienced Issues with an older client so figured I should upgrade. Worked with another users solution to get the VPN Client running on my machine @ http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itproappcompat/thread/d880dfe5-7f44-4955-8620-2a9355d8ea8b/

  • Multiple Monitors

I’ve never had much luck with the graphics cards in Dell’s D630s so I wasn’t too surprised when one of my Dell 1907FP monitors (with a VGA connection) wasn’t displaying the signal properly. To resolve the issue, I needed to go into the Advanced section under Screen Resolution and set the refresh rate to 75hz.

  • Brother MFC-7840W Scanner

Scanner was not recognized. Uninstalled via Device Manager and re-installed only the scanner driver with the Installer from Brother.

I have thrown around the idea of creating a website with a specific purpose, but have always been stumped on what that “purpose” would be. I’ve far too many interests to limit my personal real estate on the web to one topic, and not nearly enough time to manage multiple properties on each interest.

So here we are. All of these ideas have led to the creation of this blog; one without a defined purpose; although, I would place a safe bet that I’ll use this space to voice my thoughts, opinions, research, and findings.